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Userland profile questions

Author:Jacob Lyles
Posted:8/12/1999; 1:51:52 AM
Topic:Userland profile questions
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I've recently acquired a new domain name. I will soon be migrating to a new e-mail address. (Probably when I find an adequate e-mail client). I haven't yet decided what it will be.

I'd like to change my e-mail address but retain my member status as well as my "Member since" cachet. I realize that this facility is most likely currently not included in the functionality of but it should be.

When you create a PGP key, you associate with it a name and e-mail address. As you acquire new e-mail addresses (and, I suppose, names), these too can be associated with your key. The e-mail addresses and names stay associated with your key (Thus creating an identity trail). At any time, however, you can designate a particular e-mail/name pair as your default identity.

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