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Re: Deep Linking to Infoworld

Author:Arnold V. Lesikar
Posted:8/12/1999; 5:10:11 AM
Topic:Deep Linking
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Perhaps I am being naive, but I would be strongly tempted to ignore their policy on this point, on the grounds that it is absurd.

Would a court ever enforce the Infoworld policy? There has been no ruling on the Ticketmaster suit or on any other case.

Are the courts actually going to rule that it is a copyright violation to point someone to a site? Am I violating copyright if I refer someone to an article in a print magazine during a telephone conversation? Am I violating copyright if I pass a handwritten Infoworld article URL to a friend? Suppose I put the URL inside an email? Am I violating copyright then?

How are these cases different from putting the URL inside a web page on my site?

Since there is a simple method to prevent unwanted links from the outside, the failure of Infoworld to prevent such unwanted links might even be considered tacit permission for deep links.

My tuppence,


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