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Re: Deep Linking to Infoworld
Posted:8/12/1999; 10:19:29 AM
Topic:Deep Linking
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For years I have received a free subscription to infoworld. This year I have not renewed it. I still seem to get the magazines, but I usually just let them stack up in my mail box and then throw them away. I hardly ever read them.

I figure that if I want to read infoworld, I can do it from the website. I never go to the infoworld website. Never. I don't have a bookmark of the front page, and I can't think of the last time I went to their front page.

I still read infoworld articles though. But only because they get mentioned and linked to on Scripting News and on Wired News. If either of these websites began putting in a generic link to infoworld, instead of to the article, I wouldn't go look it up.

I have done that enough times to know that the information just isn't that valuable. Trying to crawl through most sites looking for something that you know is there is a huge waste of time.


ps. Sometimes I wonder why sites don't have indexes as well as search engines. It would sure make things easier. I find indexes in books really useful.

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