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Re: Feature Request for Windows Explorer

Author:Michael Llaneza
Posted:8/14/1999; 11:01:43 PM
Topic:Feature Request for Windows Explorer
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According to that logic, the 'new shell' appearing in W2k could/might/will also draw lawsuits..

It would have been more convenient (at least for Dave) to release the 'new shell' as a seperate, independent download. That way Dave can download it, and as an optional add-on might not have drawn the legal wrath that has, in fact, happened.

It's kind of a shame, all the trouble. I can see great applications for using html to present shared directories in collaborative situations. The real shame is I can't name a user (out of the buildings I support) who's likely to do much work with it. Some might, but it had better be really easy for the end-user population (based solely on my sample population).

Done right, and well-adopted by the user population, html presentation for collaborative environments could be a boon. I note that I'm using 'edit in browser' to add this paragraph. This is good. On the downside, I find that I can't drag a file into an ftp site viewed in Explorer (v4.5, MacOS 8.6) to upload it. Maybe in 5.0....

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