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Re: Another request: Hoisting in Explorer
Posted:8/15/1999; 9:58:31 PM
Topic:Feature Request for Windows Explorer
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There is a feature in Explorer that I use fairly often that allows you to make a specified directory the "root" of the explorer. Try this:

Explorer /root, "somepath"

Where, of course, you replace "somepath" with something useful to you. Naturally this can be entered in the Start/Run dialog, made into a shortcut, or better yet, a start menu item (which is just a shortcut in a special directory). Yes, those commas are in the command line. Go figure.

You may also find the /e option handy, which gives you the two-pane explorer with a treeview and listview, rather than just the listview. In other words:

Explorer /e, /root, "somepath"

In some of the Explorer and/or Windows enhancement packs like Microsoft PowerToys, you'll find a shell extension called "explore from here" - if this is installed, you can right-click on a directory and select "explore from here", and then you'll get a new explorer window with that directory as the root.

I'm still looking for the perfect explorer replacement... If you have some time to burn, look at

Also, if anyone has a favorite explorer replacement or filemanager, I'd love to hear about it (including *why* its your favorite.

Reinhardt Quelle quelle at

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