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Re: Another request: Hoisting in Explorer

Author:Steven C. Den Beste
Posted:8/16/1999; 1:34:36 AM
Topic:Feature Request for Windows Explorer
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There is already available a feature called "Explore from here" which is one of the "power toys" for Win 95, which is in effect what you call "hoist".

With it installed, if you right-click on a directory or other object (like the START button) which has a subsidiary structure, this is one of the choices in the top part of the menu along with "explore" and "open" and "find" and so on. A new window appears with explorer running in double-pane mode.

Though it is tagged as being for Win 95, in fact it works under NT 4 and can be installed there safely.

You can get it from here:

by downloading the power toys and then extracting just that one tool from the whole and installing it manually.

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