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Re: Feature Request for Windows Explorer

Author:Michael Llaneza
Posted:8/16/1999; 7:45:32 AM
Topic:Feature Request for Windows Explorer
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I think that we're using an operating system to access network resources. The OS needs to make life easy for browser developers, the browser developers need to make maximum use of native OS resources. When this happens, good user experiences happen.

MSIE 4.5 is a very good example. It's rendering engine is slow and has a few warts (def: makes MP3 playback skip on a 300MHz G3) but it LOOKS like a Mac application, links to OS features (the Sherlock menu, reportedly gone in MSIE 5/macintosh) and interface conventions. It also has some handy outline features in the Favorites and History areas. On the interface side autofill for forms is a blessing no browser should be without and URL Autocomplete (based my favorites and history, NOT on marketing agreements) is very handy.

If MSIE 5.0 on the Mac can add features (Auction Manager !) and retain a Mac look-and-feel for any widgets they add (and Carbonize the code) for feature parity with the Windows version, MS should have the best browser on the "market."

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