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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/17/1999; 5:45:41 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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MSNBC: Internet is Y2K ready.. maybe. Think about it. How many iterations did it take to shake out all the month rollover glitches in your site? How many problems were there *last* Jan 1? Were they horrible? Probably not. But the Internet will definitely have problems on Jan 1. Remember Murphy! (As if I have to tell *you*.)

We're running new software on our main server. By clicking on this link, you are helping us test it. Give my regards to Murphy!

This afternoon I felt the earth shake. I wasn't dreaming. I put on my shoes and bolted outdoors. It's been a while. I hate earthquakes!

Jason Kottke collects antique web browsers. Excellent!

Netscape has an archive site.

Sten Linarsson believes he has found Tim Berners-Lee's original WWW application for NeXT. (1993)

According to Red Herring my friend Christine Comaford is a Big Fish. Yeah I knew that!

Yesterday I took screen shots of Frontier 6/Win, focusing on the built-in outliner. Since re-releasing the Mac outliners, there's been a stream of questions from people wanting to know if there are any similar outliners on Windows. Yes there are. We have one.

Seattle FUG Meeting, 8/24.

Macrobyte releases Tonto 1.0b7.

InfoWorld lists four versions of Windows 2000, all to ship later this year or early next. No prices.

MSNBC: We have You have Mail. "AT&Tís use of the phrase 'you have mail' dates back to the earliest days of the Unix programming language, which the company's research arm, Bell Labs, developed."

Thanks to Ric Ford for pointing to Frontier 1.0 from his Mac Antiques page. One minor nit, Frontier 1.0 comes from UserLand, not "Dave Winer". You might think they're the same thing, but they're not. ;->

Hart Scientific on Y2K. "If any banks are still operating after January 3, 2000, we want to be able to deposit our checks in them."

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