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Re: startup.startupScript revision

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/19/1999; 10:35:49 AM
Topic:startup.startupScript revision
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David, I don't know how we can do this. is defined to be the location of a file to open. There's lots of code that depends on this being an actual, not virtual, file location.

Look at it this way, when you want to move Frontier, because user.databases is there, and if you use it, you just have to do a Find-and-Replace in one place.

We could hack something together that would patch the location at startup, but that could be a big problem for some people someday. I don't like that kind of smartness in a programming system, in end-user software, ok, but not in something where we're trying to give you control of how it all works, relatively easily.

It's open for discussion. The code that opens the databases is right there in startup.startupScript, ripe for improvement.

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