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Re: Frontier-like

Author:Matt Jadud
Posted:8/19/1999; 10:59:35 AM
Topic:Frontier-like "outliner editor" for Linux?
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I know full well that "whens it gonna be done" is a message Dave doesn't like, and thats not my question. My question is this: am I going to be able to purchase Frontier for Linux in the future, or will it be a stripped down kernel w/o an interface? I would like to buy 6, but I don't want to purchase it for NT if I know I can hang on for the Linux version.

Or, as a friend of mine keeps saying: "Just buy it. You know you're gonna do it... just buy it." As much as this probably hurts UserLand to hear it, I'd rather just buy _one_ copy, not _two_, especially since its a dual-booting machine that they'd both live on...


I just realized that I was talking about two different editors simultaneously... Think under Linux, and Think under DOS... oy.

Sorry. M

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