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Re: InfoWorld's Linking Policy Changes
Posted:8/19/1999; 2:04:26 PM
Topic:InfoWorld's Linking Policy Changes
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The whole idea that there are "linking policies" seems wrongheaded to me.

Think of a great big bulletin board. Or a library; maybe that is better. Say that I wrote a book about making plumbing repairs. Somebody else reads my book, and in his book about home repairs, he has a bibliography. He lists my book in his bibliography, and he says I have a particularly good chapter about reseating toilets. Why wouldn't I want him to cite my book?

If you don't want people to read your stuff, don't put it on the web. Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems to me that linking is not the same thing as plagiarism (unattributed copying of material and passing it off as one's own) or even as *attributed* copying - the context is preserved by the very act of linking, which is "moving" to another web site.

I think your DaveNet piece is right on. Let's work WITH the spirit of the web.


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