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Author:Patrick Breitenbach
Posted:8/20/1999; 9:51:49 AM
Msg #:9724
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I'm surprised VerticalOne's new service hasn't generated discussion to this point. It makes deep linking copyright issues and AOL's messenger security concerns look like child's play.

The service, which is actually sort of neat, requests the account numbers, IDs and PWs of your bank, brokerage, credit card, frequent flyer, email etc. accounts and uses this information to "screen scrape" your account information from the respective web sites. It then, after presumably storing it unencrypted on its servers, reformats its for display on the user's consolidated account view.

The legal, copyright, privacy, infomration security, etc. issues seem astounding. I reckon they're relying on stealth at this point to gain some momentum before the big companies figure out what's going on and that it devestates all of their customer data stewardship and copyright policies.

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