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Davenet == power

Author:Jacob Levy
Posted:8/22/1999; 2:34:10 PM
Topic:Davenet == power
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That latest Davenet piece, followed by all these powerful names, started me thinking. It is clearly very interesting and illuminating to read what all these well known and respected people think about Davenet. However, they express the point of view of the opinion makers, not the point of view that I have about Davenet.

For me it is simple: Davenet wields a lot of power and influence, clearly. With the DG, Davenet lets me share in that power. I get a chance to put my opinion in front of Bill Gates, Jakob Nielsen, Dan Shafer, Dan Gillmor and many other people who influence my life dayly, all with one simple email or DG submission. Sometimes Dave quotes me (or you) on the main page, which amplifies my (or your) message manyfold.

The power is yours to use. If you participate, not just read Davenet, you get to share in its power. This is a very new and different kind of power. It is not like letters to the editor, because the audience is self selecting, and because unlike letters to the editor, the DG does not have the usual "crackpot letter-writing granny with nothing else to do" reputation.

Thanks to Davenet for the opportunity.

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