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Oreilly Open Source Convention Report

Author:Erin Clerico
Posted:8/22/1999; 10:45:16 PM
Topic:Oreilly Open Source Convention Report
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I have just attended the Pyhton tutorial conference in Monterey and it was excellent. The session on Zope, led by Paul Everitt from Digital Creations was very productive. He plugged Frontier with a few compliments, after he had identified a Frontier user in the crowd. He even asked me a few questions, for the sake of comparison, about the Frontier ODB and how Frontier handled inheritance during his talk. He explained and promoted XML-RPC. Paul gave a high energy, very informative presentation on Zope.

I spoke with several of the other participants, and the general consesis was 'WOW!'

I was asked about the Python track by some folks who were attending the Perl conference at lunch time. I did my best to extole the virtues of an object oriented application server tied to an object oriented database. They seemed to be a little curious, but mostly sniffed that there must be a 'performance hit' by using an application server, and Perl can do all that 'object-stuff' anyway. Oh well, you can't win them all!

Anyway, it was a well attended conference and alot of fun, I would recommend it to any Linux developer or webmaster.


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