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Re: Carl Sagan and Marijuana

Author:Ned T. Baugh
Posted:8/23/1999; 8:57:30 PM
Topic:Carl Sagan and Marijuana
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I don't think I said anything about MJ being non-destructive; I said that many people can enjoy it without damaging side-effects. I've known people who've appeared to be "addicted" to MJ, and I don't think kids (or some adults for that matter) should be messing with it. My point was more that our society, for many different reasons, has decided that other, more harmful (IMHO) substances are just fine, while this substance (MJ) is criminal.

As to the "leads to harder drugs" argument, I can only speak from anectdotal personal evidence. Most people I know that try MJ, especially as adults, don't end up using the more dangerous substances.

I don't have children, but I'd be concerned if my kids were heavily into any substance, be it tobacco, caffene, sugar, whatever. And I think too many people waste their potential on chemical alterations to their moods. But I also feel that individual citizens have to take responsibility for their actions, and deserve the freedom to make those choices on their own. I'd love to see more research done on MJ and it's health effects.

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