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Re: Carl Sagan and Marijuana

Author:Jacob Levy
Posted:8/23/1999; 10:16:31 AM
Topic:Carl Sagan and Marijuana
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Still, it is interesting to note that so many people seem to be able to enjoy that particular plant without damaging side effects, while alcohol and tobacco remain the cause of so many health issues.

OK, since you make such a sweeping statement, pony up with the proof please that MJ is non-harmful by itself, and also that in fact it does not lead people astray towards more addictive and destructive drugs. Please note that you'll get only complete agreement from me about the destructive effects of alcohol and tobacco, no argument there.

Personally, I'd have a serious issue if my kids did any of the supposedly sanctioned drugs as well as MJ. I dont care if you can control the habit or not; most of these "controls" are self-deluding fantasies, IMHO.

By the way, I dont include sugar in the list of drugs as some did here, because sugar (in the general sense, not the substance itself perhaps) is a necessary form of energy without which life would not be possible.

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