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Re: Opening Up Linux Journal and O'Reilly
Posted:8/25/1999; 9:14:36 AM
Topic:Opening Up Linux Journal and O'Reilly
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I am overstating your unspoken assumptions so pardon the liberty.

First assumption is that the Internet is universal. Outside of North America and Western Europe, getting on the net is not easy nor cost effective. Being able to buy paper copies is an important access. If you drop the postal/paper model too early, you increase the number of have nots. Also, I still no not have in internet connection in the john!

Second assumption, Open source is the only way. Now I view Open Source as a methodoly to encourage co-operation and work among a community. Not just access. Now many writers and editors should be able to choose whether they want to release their works and in what manner. You may want to choose when or where you release your content for the purpose of enrichment or enlargment. You may not want your work to change.

At a mall here in Toronto, an installation of geese flying had christmas ribbons tied around their neck for Xmas shopping season. The artist quite rightly objected, the geese were not open source. While Frontier, Apache or Perl can be held to some objective measure, and we can agree to change it's implematation, interface of functionality, can I add the missing period to _Doc is my friend_ or rewrite the the second paragraph to read better?


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