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open content (was Re: Opening Up Linux Journal and O'Reilly)

Author:John S Jacobs Anderson
Posted:8/25/1999; 9:03:06 AM
Topic:Opening Up Linux Journal and O'Reilly
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OpenContent's only excuse for existing is to "facilitate the prolific creation of freely available, high-quality, well-maintained Content." This Content can then be used in an infinity of ways, restricted only by the imagination of the user. One of the most significant uses may be supporting instruction and helping people learn. 'What is content?', you ask. Content is just about anything that isn't executable.

The OpenContent License (OPL) is used by MacOS Rumors,, among others.

The open source'd OReilly book is 'Open Sources', appropriately enough. I am a bit frosted that I paid full price for it about a week before I could have downloaded, but the version I have is much easier to read in the tub.


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