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Re: Marijuana, health or legal issue

Author:Sidney Markowitz
Posted:8/25/1999; 1:08:35 PM
Topic:Carl Sagan and Marijuana
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I can't see how much GW has been hiding his left-handedness (so to speak) in this case. He's not denying, is he?

To be more accurate, it is as if he was caught left-handed :-) and tried to say, "I will not discuss it" while continuing to press the war on left-handers.

We'll have to look into the Texas Penal system to determine if there is anyone currently serving time in 1999 for using illegal narcotics more than 7 years ago -- no other crimes.

The number of people in US prisons for victimless crimes of drug use and the rate of increase is a scandal. I would do a web search and cite some statistics, but I've seen enough about it to make me sick and will leave that to someone else right now.

Now can anyone find the connection to Kevin Bacon?

You are not going to believe this :-)

According to the Kevin Bacon Oracle this query results in:

The Oracle says: Hillary Rodham Clinton has a Bacon number of 2.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was in Last Party, The (1993) with Deborah Falconer
Deborah Falconer was in Pyrates (1991) with Kevin Bacon

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