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Re: Microsoft NT setup

Author:Sam DeVore
Posted:8/25/1999; 9:20:04 PM
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Hum, in this aspect, Linux have still a long way to go when I compare it to my Mac. I'm not stupid, I have a good distro (Caldera 2.2), I have good books on Linux (some from O'Reilly, a new one from Que on Caldera), I read the HOWTOs and the mini HOWTOs, but after 4 days trying to get IP Masquerading working with no avail, I must say I feel very frustrated by Linux. But hey, I learned a lot (like how to recompile the kernel). And I will give it another shot for sure. I love Linux, but it ask for a lot of involment.

And with IPNetRouter for the Mac it takes about 4 min.....

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