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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/26/1999; 12:46:32 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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DaveNet: Compaq DOA, Microsoft NT setup cruel and unusual punishment. A long title today!

The Compaq Saga continues. I resign as a customer. They continue to play hard-ass. I flip it around. In case anyone from Compaq is tuning in, I included my customer number. Dell asks if there's any way they can win me back. I have terms.

While I was on the phone with Compaq we crossed a milestone on Discuss.UserLand.Com. David Carter-Tod posted the 10,000th message. David has been a frequent contributor to the Frontier community and to Scripting News. I couldn't think of anyone I'd like to honor more. Excellent!

News.Com: More Compaq Layoffs Expected.

TJ Rooney, a Pennsylvania legislator, proposes a computer lemon law. "Rooney was joined by two Pennsylvania consumers who purchased defective computers and are battling the manufacturers over ineffective repairs covered under warranty."

Richard Blumberg recommends Debco Electronics, a clone maker in Cincinnati. Phil Suh recommends Virtual Micro in Milpitas, CA. (That's closer!) Ron McCoy recommends Telenet Systems, and says they make the servers for Yahoo and About.Com.

SJ Merc: George W. Bush says Give Creationism a Chance. I think he needs a whack over the head with a computer disk. This is so embarassing for the US!

MSNBC: Bands of Angels Get Organized. "Angel investors wealthy individuals now inject an estimated $50 billion into young companies every year."

InfoWorld on virtual meetings. "Collaborative real-time conferencing solutions, a subset of the ever-expanding Web-based collaboration market, is bringing employees, customers, and corporate partners together via the Web, minimizing the effort and time required by all."

Richard Hoefer: "When I asked top-flight web design firms in San Francisco what they used for web flowcharting, some mentioned Visio -- while most used no form of intelligent flowcharting at all."

David Sherman explains how cloning makes lawyers more powerful.

Doc Searls: "Phil's beliefs are ones that Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, the San Jose Mercury News, the Los Angeles Times and most of the publishing world agrees with."

Dave Winer: "As you know, I am not an open source zealot, but I am a zealot when I think I'm being lied to."

Reuven Lerner, a columnist at Linux Journal, says they have a liberal policy, allowing authors to publish articles elsewhere, upon publication, as long as they include the phrase "Reprinted from Linux Journal."

Jacob Levy with today's Quote of the Day: "No! You're supposed to love FAT32. What! You don't love it? Let me whack you over the head with this computer disk.. Wham! There, now you feel better, surely!"

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