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Thanks (in advance) for listening.™

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/26/1999; 2:51:46 PM
Topic:Next clonemaker, Compaq
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If you think this is war, you're missing a big point.

There's no disclaimer on Dell's site or Compaq's warning me that they sell defective merchandise. Or that they're going to waste huge gobs of my time making me do a job I never signed up to do. They claim to ship computers that work, or at least they don't disclaim that they don't work

And go check out, I'm pointing to dealers that people recommend here, so if you have one that you like, let us know about it.

And.. I know the value of a good dealer. Too bad I don't know any. The only dealer left around here is Fry's and that place is even worse than the websites. I used to buy stuff at Computer Plus in Sunnyvale, the owners became my friends and they even invested in my first company. I like to have a close relationship with a dealer. When and if I find one, you can be sure that I will sing their praises, as I do with our ISP, Conxion.

And watch out when you have to put "it sounds like" in front of a statement. No, I don't want them to play VAR for free. Frankly what I really want is a mass-market computer, bought by hundreds of thousands of other people *before me*, so I don't have to play free beta tester and phone slave for the manufacturer.

Thanks for listening.™

Aside to Eric Kidd, this is what I mean about the English language not fostering good communication. Many people think that what something sounds like to them is indistinguishable from my having actually said it.

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