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Re: New Machine NT Install, Chicken and Egg SP problems.

Author:David Carter-Tod
Posted:8/27/1999; 6:52:56 AM
Topic:New Machine NT Install, Chicken and Egg SP problems.
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What the hell! I mean, I understand wanting to make your home page all spiffy and everything by requiring the latest browser. But if you are the maker of said Awesome and neat browser, the great unwashed masses NEED A WAY TO GET IT! How hard is a single link that works in html 1.0?

Their home page works fine in 4.0. A couple of the links work in 3.0 Unfortunately the one machine that I have that has the minimum requirements to do ie4 is the one that I'm bootstrapping.

It's not hard, but it must be a deliberate policy decision at MS. Their website, particularly for the developer section is essentially and deliberately unusable for Netscape of any version. For example, they do a browser detect and present pages saying things like "Go Here". It's not that IIS can't do a redirect. They choose not to for certain browsers.

They just don't get it! Where's that disk for head-slapping?


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