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more on Flash...

Author:Oliver Wrede
Posted:8/28/1999; 6:10:46 AM
Topic:more on Flash...
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I like Flash very much. I always had the feeling, that vectorized graphics could improve user experience over the network and I think Macromedia did a great job on the Flash engine.

Their open product policy brings more players and plugins into the standard browsers (as you can see at Statmarket) which allows designers to opt for Flash, where it makes sense.

But I think Generator is far to expensive. They demand a licence at $3000 bucks for each processor on the webserver and $500 per developer using the developers suite.

The web is not yet based on Flash. An in most situations it's quite OK to illustrate things with something else than Flash - Flash could just help to design and animate better - but it's not necessarily the best way to solve it. Within common projects, the usual application for a Flash generated content is just too small to invest that amount of money.

I have already a park of software, which drains a lot of money for upgrades every several month. I hate to pay hundreds of bucks for software, that I do just need few times a year.... I do not think that Macromedia sells a bigger amount of Generator licences....

I collected some links to other tools out there, which can help to do what generator does in many cases:

C Library for Writing Flash Movies

Flash synthesizer

Swift Tools (with Swift generator)

SwiFF Infocenter

OpenSWF Project



Generator Developer Network



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