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LibGd and LZW

Author:Arnold V. Lesikar
Posted:8/29/1999; 8:04:23 AM
Topic:GIFs get expensive
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It is perhaps worth reminding the community that the libGd extension distributed from my site is based on Tom Boutell's GD v1.3. That GD version uses RLE encoding and should not be subject to the Unisys license.

However, in the latest versions of libGd I put the LZW encoding back in, in order to create more compact image files. (The LZW stuff was imported from GD 1.2). This was done with the release of the first beta.

Therefore, if you fear that the Unisys license may be a serious issue, you should only use an alpha version of libGD. If you don't have one please contact me at, and I'll see if I can scare one up for you.


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