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Re: A Flash WP?

Author:richard collins
Posted:8/28/1999; 9:03:26 PM
Topic:more on Flash...
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If the objective is to understand the format, making a simple word processor seems like a sideways approach.

My first suggestion would be to study the available documentation of the swf file format.

Next, a handy tool would be a simple viewer, ala dumpster for quicktime, that lets you look at at how the dictionary stream and the data stream are put together.

Being able to edit in such a tool would also be fun.

Since Dumpster can inspect a Quicktime Movie, and a Flash file can be imported into a Quicktime track, what do you see when you inspect a flash file that has become a Quicktime track?

This leads to the question "How does Quicktime deal with Flash?" Is there a flash player built in to Quicktime in which case the flash data would be just data, or does Quicktime interpret the Flash data into its own internals on the way in?

If i get around to sussing this one out, I'll post another response. In the mean time, some one else may already know the answer.

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