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Re: Programming ideas and time to mature

Author:Kent Spaulding
Posted:8/30/1999; 8:29:28 AM
Topic:Programming ideas and time to mature
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Lots of questions...

Just out of curiousity, how long did Fortran and COBOL take to hit the mainstream?

I've heard similar comments regarding HW lab-to-commercial figures being 10-15 years - the pace seems to be accelerating. Is the pace in programming technologies accelerating as well?

As for ODB's - they certainly existed commercially in the very late 80's, when was the initial research done? Early 80's?

Hmmm - Linda was proposed over 20 years ago, does JavaSpaces/Jini make it mainstream?

As for Scripting, REXX has been available on all IBM platforms since 1979. It is a true scripting language. It's predecessors, EXEC and EXEC 2 - akin to .bats on DOS, were there for at least a decade before REXX - although you might not call them true scripting languages. Seems like 20 years of scripting to me - minimally.

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