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Microsoft admits HotMail backdoor?

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/30/1999; 8:07:39 AM
Topic:Microsoft admits HotMail backdoor?
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From Gunnar R Johansson,

''Anyone can log in to any Hotmail account - without password.

''The backdoor in Microsoft's Hotmail system was revealed Monday by Sweden's Expressen newspaper.

''By using a login form an a website other than, the user doesn't have to submit a password to reach the mailbox. The login forms can be found on hundreds of web sites around the world - most of them are harmless homepages without any hacking purpose.

''Microsoft became aware of the problem about 0700AM Swedish time (0600GMT) but the backdoor is still open.

''In a press release issued about 1500PM Swedish time (1400GMT) Microsoft Nordic admitted the backdoor and said it would be fixed during the day.

''No warnings have been issued to the approx. 50 million Hotmail users worldwide, and the system is still up and running.''

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