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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/4/1999; 4:47:09 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Major major digging going on tonight on the static home page. We need a holiday weekend for these kinds of changes!

A new version of went online this morning. It may take a couple of days for it to percolate thru DNS, so here's a temporary URL that's guaranteed to get you to the new site.

Feedback on the new UserLand home page?

SpaceViews on the Cassini flyby. It worked!

Very beautiful pictures taken as Cassini flew by Earth's moon.

SpaceViews is a My.UserLand.Com channel.

Here's what Earth looks like during a solar eclipse.

New feature on the Frontier website. A page that lists all the root changes since the last full release. This will soon be available as an RSS file.

Andre Radke, our German Engineering Department, is in the US.

Mappa Mundi explains how TraceRoute works.

Working on the new UserLand.Com home page, I did a search for "diggin" in DaveNet, and it came back with a lot of matches!

Even before Zope had an official logo, it had an official song!

CNN: Businessman Linked to Prostitute thru Hotmail Hole. "I just wanted to know if they really were prostitutes," he said.

Fast Company: The Customer Experience. "Dell doesn't claim to have discovered all of the elements that create a definitive customer experience. Indeed, 16 months ago, the company formed the Customer Experience Council, a group that is scrutinizing every aspect of how Dell interacts with customers."

I want a computer vendor that specializes in serving people whose time is valuable and to whom outages of 30 days are not acceptable. This is a customer experience issue. Dell doesn't do this. Who does?

Wired: Think Different about Upgrading. "Apple's recent line of Power Mac G3s can't be upgraded to Motorola's new G4 chip, and according to hardware manufacturers, the engineering was intentional."

MacInTouch has a page dedicated to the upgrade issues.

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