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Re: A Limit on entries in tables?

Author:Eric Soroos
Posted:9/4/1999; 9:39:03 AM
Topic:A Limit on entries in tables?
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I've got several databases with ~5-7k messages in a table, all open at once on frontier6/nt. (They're not discussion groups, rather tables of emails from my personal mailbox and a couple of mailing lists)

I've noticed a couple of things.

1) It's not a good idea to have thousands of items in the root level of a database. It really slows down opening the database, since all of the names in the root are in the namespace. I've seen dramatic (10x) speed gains for opening a gdb by moving all of the messages to a subtable, then saving a copy.

2) I'm generally using ~15 megs of memory for frontier, as reported by the task manager.

3) Building indicies for all the messages takes memory, since I'm effectively loading each table into memory. The same goes for moving or copying them into a subtable. I've run frontier up to 120+ meg memory usage indexing or otherwise messing with every one of the 6000 tables.

4) Be very careful about the difference between @table and table. Passing a 65 meg guest database as a parameter is probably not what you ever want to do. It sucks up a lot of memory (200+ megs, all my real + virtual), then invariably waits a while, then tells me you can't do that to a table, take its address.


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