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Re: A Limit on entries in tables?

Author:Thomas A. Creedon
Posted:9/3/1999; 9:01:19 PM
Topic:A Limit on entries in tables?
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I've got a DG (discussion group) that has 13,000 messages in it. I've noticed recently that as people are knocking around reading messages, Frontier chews up about 30 megs of RAM. If I close discuss.root, the memory comes back.

Dave, I'm not sure if your proposal would address this issue or not. I'm ignorant in this area.

Perhaps I need to setup a routine like the one that closes the daily log every hour? I suspect that Userland and I are one of the few folks that have 10k+ messages in a DG. Are there any other heavy hitters out there that want to identify themselves?

Perhaps we could start a 10k plus club? :-)

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