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Re: What writing electronically should/could be like

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/6/1999; 7:27:43 AM
Topic:Microsoft, Intel losing ground?
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you know, this is exactly what people tell me when I say that outliners are great for programming... ;-)

That's why god invented young people!

When I was a grad student working on outliners for programmers in the 70s, people told me they couldn't switch from 1,$p type editors, so I waited and now it's not a problem. No one has ever complained that the only script editor in Frontier is an outliner. Anyway, if you're doing an outliner editor for Python, you'll probably get a lot of Frontier people to look at it, and if your outliner is good, they'll probably use it.

And based on what I heard at the ORA conference, better editing is a matter of pride with Python people. Some of them will like the outliner approach. I will for sure. I'll probably start with Python in some semi-serious way when it has an outliner editor.

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