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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/6/1999; 8:32:44 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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I need a script that runs on Windows, for Eudora or Outlook Express, that loops over all my mailboxes, and writes each message that's over seven days old to a file (XML please) and deletes it from the mailbox.

Paul Howson needs this script too. "It amazes me that the people who create these programs have not forseen this problem." Amen!

9/7/96: "People with an extra computer can have their own search engines. All their written work is filtered, cross-indexed and sorted. If you can make it flow thru email, it can be more useful to you. The other machine, your mail organizing database, is busy categorizing and sorting things while you're writing and reading. This is not beyond the leading edge. We can set up these kinds of servers now, in 1996."

The Frontier News page is once again being updated regularly. Look for more frequent updates as we approach 6.1.

Welcome Tim Lundeen, the latest technologist to join the discussion at XML-RPC.COM.

Bruce Perens: Sun's StarOffice Release. "The StarOffice release is definitely good for Linux, but its non-Open-Source nature also raises some concern. Could Sun be building ammunition for its next war? StarOffice may also be an attempt to gain long-term control over the Linux desktop market."

Moving forward. Now you can attach enclosures to messages thru the XML-RPC interface.

SF Examiner: The eOne PC has Apple steaming. "Twenty years after Steve Jobs ripped off Xerox PARC's graphical user interface technology, Apple Computer's ever-interim CEO can't believe someone would have the nerve to knock off his iMac."

Ronald Bourret: XML and Databases.

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