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Author:Eric Soroos
Posted:9/6/1999; 11:38:27 PM
Topic:Can I script Outlook Express or Eudora?
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Hmm. Did someone mention frontier and Email? Pardon my lateness, But I was at bumbershoot all day. It's good to get out and dance.

There are many solutions that have been mentioned, I'll toss out a couple more that I have used or are currently using.

1) My own mailserver. Runs in frontier, gets a copy of all my mail via mirrored forwarding, although it's going to be the main mailserver for my domain shortly. Dumping -> xml is basically reduces to a known problem. Once it gets through my code, you have a table of message attributes, date, from, body, whathaveyou. Process at will past that. I'm also currently working on intelligently dumping the mail into any arbitrary discussion group, so that it gets indexed and whatnot. This is done, save for threading properly (and some funky wrapping going email -> html). If you went with this option, you could just delete old messages from eudora after some length of time, knowing tha tthey are all stored in an odb somewhere.

2) I've got a eudora mbox file -> my (frontier) mailbox format script, works on mac/windows. This was a quick hack, but it's useful for batch importing a whole bunch of messages. I don't think it properly handles deleted messages, so it's a good idea to compact first. It coud also be hacked up to save as xml instead of my mailbox format.


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