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Re: textToXml script for Frontier 6

Author:David A. Mundie
Posted:9/7/1999; 6:34:46 PM
Topic:Scripts to produce Channel files?
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For purposes of linguistic comparison, I have put yet another version of the textToXML script on line, this one written in Gema - my favorite, and surely the most underrated, of the scripting languages. I had trouble getting IE 4.5 (on the Mac) to render the text file correctly, so I've put up an HTML version:

I claim the conciseness award: boilerplate-generation aside, this is a mere 5 lines of code, and frankly seems a lot more appropriate to the problem domain than e.g. the FSA approach of the Applescript version.

My article "Why I Love Gema" is at

and the Gema home page is at

I'd appreciate comments.

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