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Scripts to produce Channel files?

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:6/17/1999; 6:49:43 AM
Topic:Scripts to produce Channel files?
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I have been emailing with several people who are doing channel files by hand wanting to know if there's an easier way. Of course there is.

If you follow some simple rules when writing the source for your home page, a script can automatically generate a rendering of your home page.

I could put the effort into writing such a script and release it publicly but it would require that you use Frontier. I would do it if there were volunteers to convert the script to Perl, Python, Tcl, AppleScript, etc., and publish the results.

If we get enough support, we'll start a sub-site of My.UserLand.Com for community-published tools to support webmasters and of course we will publish our script thru that site as well as your script. This sub-site would follow the pattern of XML-RPC.COM.

You would be doing a public service, helping to create more syndicated channels by meeting the webmasters half-way. If we can give them a CGI script that reads their source code and produces the XMLization, it will be easier to do it, and the theory is that there will be more syndicated channels as a result.

All that's happening is simple text processing, so almost any scripting language will do. Let me know either here or by private email if you want to give it a shot.

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