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Re: A bit of history

Author:Eric Soroos
Posted:9/7/1999; 11:01:42 PM
Topic:A bit of history
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So your .com domain name is unpronounceable. There's more to the world than .com. Maybe .us? Or .org, .net, .to, or .gov. (That's it, declare yourself a government! Can we get the Artists Republic of Freemont a governamental tld? )

I can guarantee that if you have good content and you are linked from slashdot or scripting news or one of the other focused weblog portal thingies, you will get traffic and your ideas will get out. You will certainly get more traffic that I get on my site, and it has a (somewhat) pronouncable name.

It all gets back to your ideas and your content. The url is insignificant, so long as people can actually get to it. Well, so long as it's short enough to fit in an email message.

I've got my own little corner of the net, and if my statics work out right, I'm about one in a million in my particular set of beliefs. So far, some percentage of the other 5000 people like me in the world (25-50 of which are on the net) have contacted me. I've been mentioned on wired and scripting news, but that's about as big time as I've gotten.

Until I have to give up my hosting company or shut down my servers, no one can stop me from writing my mind on my site. If it's interesting enough, people will find it. If it's valuable enough people will use it. If it's not, well it was fun while it lasted. People were amused and edified.


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