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The future of affiliate programmes?

Author:James Carlyle
Posted:9/8/1999; 3:42:58 AM
Topic:The future of affiliate programmes?
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In the past, xmlTree offered a list of channels marked up using OCS, and this is used by Carmen's Headline Viewer users to import channel details.

But we are aware of the rising number of portals built around RSS and Scipting News, and we wanted to offer users of those portals a way of navigating to their favorite channel before adding it to their personalized page.

We were thinking of providing outgoing links (like the 'Add Netscape Channel' buttons) to these portals in a loose (and free) affiliation arrangement. But the portals didn't want to send their users off to xmlTree (like Amazon affiliates do have to send their visitors to Amazon) - they wanted this channel search functionality in their own branding.

So we are offering this, in two flavours:

We offer the directory listing in raw XML,


where you can optionally specify your own stylesheet (requires IE5),


or, we will provide XSL transformation services on our server and provide the directory in HTML


This service is pre-everything and these URLs might change - but please use them over the next few days. The use of My.Userland styling is just indicative - no arrangement has been reached with Userland (but I am trying to excite Dave!). At the moment only news and weblog channels are being displayed - not forum-based ones. By default, all channels on or under the selected subdirectory are displayed.

All feedback is welcome!


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