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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/9/1999; 4:24:32 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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News.Com: Cobalt poised to be 2nd Linux IPO. I have one and I like it. They burst the price bubble. Cobalt is a big problem for NT. A consumer product all the way. Heap-o power. Two thumbs up.

WSJ: Citrix Systems helps lead drive to rent software via Internet.

Chicago Tribune: She has seen the future and it is Weblogs. "A Weblog is a Web site that maintains a constantly updated list of links to other sites; those links can deal with any subject or focus on a particular one. Webloggers typically offer pithy, sarcastic commentary about the links." Excellent!

Jon Udell and I devised a categorization system for RSS this morning. Here's his report on the conversation.

InfoWorld: Microsoft's ASP Strategy. "The creation of the Certified Commercial Network Services Provider (CCNSP) program by Microsoft this week comes only a few days before the Sept. 13 announcement of Microsoft's development tools and hosting strategy around Windows 2000, which is due to ship to the mainstream early next year."

Rewrite of the Channel Chooser page. Now we list channels only if they have been updated in the last seven days. The checkboxes reflect whether or not you've excluded the channel. This provides the missing UI for re-enabling excluded channels. I have other ideas for improvement but wanted to rest here for a bit and let this new functionality sink in.

The Story of Atrieva: "I talk with the CEO or VC or other exec at a company. We don't connect. Later on I find out that there's one of 'our people' inside. I wish there was some way to make the connection while an idea is active!"

Design Challenge: "I want to open a site for feature requests."

Updated: My.UserLand.Com FAQ.

Heads up. I have taken the Favorites page out of the navlinks for My.UserLand.Com. The purpose is to focus the functionality on the home page. Since our backend storyflow is totally open, anyone else can provide this service if people want it.

Wired: Dolby says it's Payback Time. "The music industry is now going to have to own up the fact that the flocking of people to the Web as a venue for music is really an expression of the fact that the Web is a much better venue for that activity than a large chain store in a shopping mall." Yeah!

MSNBC: BlueOval Outruns Ford. "A federal judge has denied Ford Motor Co.’s request to stop a Mustang enthusiast from putting some of the company’s internal documents on his Internet site, saying such an order would violate the First Amendment." Requires Windows Media Player.

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