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Re: ask members to name their company

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/9/1999; 6:50:06 AM
Topic:My Atrieva Story
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That's a good idea Bill. It could go further. We could have a place where you enter a list saying "I can help do deals with XXX" and list fifteen companies. Some people have networks that go into interesting places at companies other than their own.

Going even further, we could allow anyone, not just me, to do queries against those lists. You wouldn't get a person's list, but you would get their profile and know that the company you named was on their list. In addition to providing a great and unique networking resource for this community it would also be an interesting way to get to know who's out there.

But there's a potential for abuse. What if someone from Microsoft registered saying "I can help do deals with AOL." Heh heh. You'd have to be careful about htat.

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