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Text handling in topics...

Author:Andreas Hellström
Posted:9/9/1999; 6:44:53 AM
Topic:Text handling in topics...
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My last post to this discussuin group was rather cryptic since the text was processed in some way. Two points/questions/suggestions:

(1) Carriage returns; when I convert input text to html text, I usually first convert all double returns (that is, cr + cr) to metatag for paragraph (P). Then I convert all single returns to (BR). This way, code examples like this will be shown correctly (and not all on one line):

newList=true listIndex=1 for (i=1 to 200) newList[listIndex] = { someValue1, someValue2 } listIndex++

(2) In the above code fragment, I init newList to an empty list, but the 'brackets' (indicating an empty list) will show up as 'true'. Any macro processing responsible for this, I beleive?!? Should a quote them to get this to work (like this {}; yes, it did work:-).

Andreas Hellström

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