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Design Challenge: Feature Request Page

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/9/1999; 6:14:24 AM
Topic:Design Challenge: Feature Request Page
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The problem statement

I want to open a new site for making feature requests.

At first it would just be for Frontier users, but quickly after it's up we would start adding new products, esp ones that people who use Scripting News are experts in. Examples include MSIE, Mozilla, Photoshop, PHP, Windows, Dreamweaver, Dell laptops, Whatever. There might be some surprises there.

It will be a public site, meaning that everyone can read everything that has been published.

But there has to be an editorial process, from the start. When a feature request comes in, someone has to check if it's a second or third request for the same feature and link them together. That way we could prioritize the feature requests based on the number of times each feature has been requested. There would also be a button that allowed you to agree or disagree. That would be tallied too and the information completely public.

Ideally there would be a czar for each product or product category. Someone who is objective, doesn't work on the product or for a company that's in the market. A user and/or developer. Someone with deep knowledge and no axe to grind.

Your mission if you choose to accept it

Design the home page of the site. Put up an HTML form on a website and post a link. You do not have to implement the functionality, we're just trawling for user interface ideas.

Prior art?

Have you see a really good feature request or bug report page somewhere on a public site? Post a link. Let's see what kind of ideas are already out there.

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