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Re: Easy Implementation = Widespread Syndication?

Author:Oliver Willis
Posted:9/9/1999; 3:05:14 PM
Topic:Easy Implementation = Widespread Syndication?
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I'm thinking that this has to be a serverless solution, for the most widespread adoption.

Think of when javascript rollovers first came into being, annoying as they were, a lot of sites added them based on how easy it was to implement.

The javascript site Dave posted was good, but not specialized enough IMHO. What we need is a javascript (it could even be seperated as *.js code to reduce clutter) program that will take each line by line of a RSS or ScriptingNews file and say "okay, print this out, print that out".

Bang. Instant syndication.

Then websites with channels can go, "download this *.js file, add the following to your webpage, and get free content for your site"

So close...

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