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Re: An RSS categorization proposal

Author:David Theige
Posted:9/11/1999; 5:12:28 PM
Topic:rss channels via email
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If a classification scheme is desirable, my advice would be to pick a very simple scheme and to spend as little time as possible categorizing (it can take over your life!). Even the best clasification scheme is just a supplement to a good search engine. Here's where my bias comes from:

I have spent years collecting, categorizing, and filing professional journal articles. I've used several different home-brewed and "standard" categorization schemes. I've used various database and bibliography software applications. My hard-won experience tells me that all of this is a complete waste of time. I feel liberated by the advent of useful digital search engines. I want to spend my time reading, reflecting, and learning..NOT categorizing and filing!

Just some food for thought. Good luck!

P.S. I *love* the idea of receiving updated RSS channels by email!

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