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Re: An RSS Categorization Proposal

Author:Jonathan Eisenzopf
Posted:9/13/1999; 12:03:31 AM
Topic:An RSS Categorization Proposal
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Keeping categorization schemes to a minimum per channel is important, however, it will not be our task to decide which schemes a channel uses. The idea is that domain experts will get together to define their own schemes.

For example, a group of music publishers and artist might get together to define a format for categorizing music. Sites like and would definately use the scheme. However, micro-biologist research sites would probably have little interest in the format. But, they might use a biology categorization scheme.

So you see, I'm not proposing a fixed list of schemes; rather, I'm proposing that we come up with a framework that interest groups can use to develop their own categorization scheme.

I agree with you that using 1 or more standard formats that are both human and computer readable is important. That's a good reason to stick with XML where possible. RDF seems like it might fit the bill, since it would allow groups to create schemas for their content. Of course, RDF is alot to wrap the cranium around. Dmoz is also worth looking at (the format, not necessarily the content).

The side benefit of developing a general framework is that it can be used for categorization in many other contexts, like the Web for example.

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