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Re: An RSS Categorization Proposal

Posted:9/13/1999; 4:26:04 PM
Topic:An RSS Categorization Proposal
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Resource discovery, developers wanted

The Mozilla RDF / Z39.50 Integration project, hosted by the Mozilla Organisation, is looking for participants. The organisers believe that the work will be of interest to all groups investing in any combination of Z39.50, Dublin Core and RDF technologies for the creation of resource discovery systems. The project can loosely be characterised as an effort to incorporate the Z39.50 search and retrieval protocol into the next-generation Mozilla/Netscape web browser. Further details on the relationship between Netscape and its now open source browser software, Mozilla, are available on the web. For a project overview, further technical details, open issues and current status, see the project home page . The development team wish to find a way of integrating Z39.50 search into the browser in such a way as to have search results show up in the user interface, quite possibly as a set of simple Dublin Core records. The solution is likely to draw heavily on work being carried out within the W3C on the Resource Description Framework (RDF). 7th September URL: Mozilla and Netscape relationship URL: project description URL: RDF resources URL: RDF resources

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