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Re: Jon Udell on Linux databases...

Author:Ken Kennedy
Posted:9/13/1999; 12:22:31 PM
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Another quote from his article...(final paragraph)

"What about the open source databases? Will MySQL and PostgreSQL start to infringe on the territory occupied by DB2, Oracle, and Informix? I hope so. I would like to see these projects reach critical mass just as Linux has, and for the same reasons: large-scale collaboration yielding best-quality software. In the long run, I have a hunch this model of software development will prove unstoppable, and the business of creating packaged software products will devolve into the business of providing services that weave in and around open source infrastructure."

Interesting stuff. I really enjoy Jon Udell's articles. Several years back, his Byte articles were one of my major inspirations/guides while implementing my first Web-based data-retrieval application. His stuff was some of my favorite in Byte. I was distraught when Byte went down, until I found his "transplanted" discussion groups.

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