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UL Templates: Why width="600"?

Author:Samuel Reynolds
Posted:9/13/1999; 4:29:54 PM
Topic:UL Templates: Why width="600"?
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Is there a specific reason why you've set a forced width for most Userland sites? It makes them annoying even with a large screen (I *don't* like to zoom the browser to use the whole screen; I keep it below about 2/3 of the screen width on a 17" monitor). And anyone trying to participate in the discussion group using a 14" monitor is going to leave in short order.

Try viewing a DG page on a 14" monitor, or with a half-screen-width window on a larger monitor, and you'll see why it's so annoying. (Yes, it's on my "web pet peeves" list. 8-( ) It forces the viewer to scroll horizontally for all or most of the lines of an article or DG message.

Perhaps the template was created with a "WYSIWIG" tool like FrontPage, and this "feature" was not fixed after the fact?

- Sam

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