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Author:Michael Winser
Posted:9/13/1999; 8:53:53 PM feature requests
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*Channel inclusion instead of exclusion While channel exclusion is nice, I want to be able to do things the other way around. I want to by default exclude all channels except those that I have specifically designated. Any new channels will be excluded by default.

The problem I have is that all kinds of find but uninteresting (to me) channels keep being added and almost every day I have to go and exclude them. After doing exactly the same thing four days in a row I am quite sure that this is something that can be improved.

*A view that shows me new items not grouped by hour but since I last checked. In other words, show me what's new to me.

*A special "new channels" channel. A new channels channel would let me browse from time to time to see what new channels I might want to include.

Just for kicks I may end up doing these client side in IE 5 but I'd prefer to have it happen on the server.


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