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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/14/1999; 6:38:53 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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IETF Draft: Simple Object Access Protocol.

My.UserLand.Com: Call for related sites. "If you have a service that builds off one or more of our backend features, we want to tell people about that, to help us all understand what's been accomplished with XMLization of news flows."

Jeremy Bowers: "Third Voice, rather then being a hip new design to take us into the new millennium, is a throwback to mainframe-style centralization. They control the servers, they control the content, they control the service, they have sole possession of all information about the users gathered, only their clients can access their servers. In return for being granted the privilege to use the service, you turn over every right to your content you possess, while (of course!) keeping all the responsibility."

Vintage Computer Festival, October 2-3, Santa Clara, CA.

News.Com: Dell chasing Apple in wireless laptops. Excellent!

Matt Jadud has a Frontier voting booth. It's nice. I answered his questions. Why not? (Here are some of Matt's Frontier projects.)

Jacob Levy, as he often does, asks the right question. This time he asks for a list of things SOAP does that XML-RPC doesn't. We clearly need a whitepaper-quality document that addresses this.

In the meantime, an interesting thread has developed in the XML-RPC DG, leading to Hannes Wallnofer's message, with the beginnings of a development plan for SOAP support in various scripting languages and environments.

Dan Gillmor: "Not for lack of trying, Microsoft has been discovering lately that it can't take over the Internet. Monday's announcements were slanted toward Windows, as you might expect, but they were also a recognition that the Net, not Windows, is the emerging platform."

NY Times: Microsoft Starts Recruiting For Its Next War. "Sure, it may be more difficult for Microsoft to seize the Internet standards," Tarter added, "but they have 15 or 20 years of experience of gaining control of standards in computing. They're good at it." That's spin. This time, for better or worse, Microsoft created the standards.

Frontier developers looking for gigs: There's a developer's panel on our preferences sub-site. If you click on the radio button to make your information public, we will list it in a page we're developing so organizations with jobs to fill can find people with skills to fill them. We need more developers. There's no reason not to be fully employed if you know Frontier and like to work on new applications.

Welcome to Matt Ocko, the first Silicon Valley VC to post on our DG. Thanks Matt, for breaking the ice. We want to start lots of companies here! There's no time like now.

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